Environmental audits

We work with individual properties and chains to review environmental practices against global best practice. These reviews can also include the development of additional initiatives or a review of existing practices.

Industry standards 

We work with local advisers to review and develop industry standards. The output can be a set of voluntary criteria or standards that are part of government standards We draft new tourism legislation and advise on strategic issues.

star Rating advice

We work with Hotel managers and owners to prepare for their upcoming star grading assessments. Our expert review enables the operator to select a number of cost effective options to achieve the Star Rating that they want at the lowest cost investment. This is not a certification service. 

Age - friendly audits

We evaluate the visitor experience from the perspective of the 55+ age group. This includes access paths, check in practices, bedroom layout, services available, bathroom layout and function, ease of use and barriers that you may not realise exist. This is a pragmatic audit that can also include the provision of training and support procedures to better service this market.

We offer a range of specialized services 

International tourism development consultancy